App Reviews

This is a short list of iOS (iPad/iPod/iPhone) Applications (Apps) that we like or recommend.  They are in no particular order but all great.  Check back often as this page will be updated with a longer list and reviews.  Like us on Facebook to get updates as we review apps and for tips and tricks.   Reading & Books iBooks [ios_app id=”364709193″] Kindle [ios_app id=”302584613″] Audible [ios_app id=”379693831″] AudioBooks (Librovox)   Shopping RedLaser [ios_app id=”474902001″] oMoby [ios_app id=”353867169″]   Business Bloomberg [ios_app id=”281941097″]   Notes Penultimate [ios_app id=”354098826″] PaperDesk LITE (Free) [ios_app id=”367563434″] PaperDesk (Full) [ios_app id=”367552067″] Evernote [ios_app id=”281796108″] Sundry Notes Pro [ios_app id=”376878575″] OneNote iPad [ios_app id=”478105721″] Dragon Dictation [ios_app id=”341446764″]   Utilities AppTools AppZilla AppZilla 2 Remote (Control AppleTV & iTunes)     Scanning PDF Max (Free) [ios_app id=”540572073″] PDF Max Pro [ios_app id=”552664144″] TinyScan ($.99) [ios_app id=”556500145″] TextGrabber [ios_app id=”438475005″] SamCard (Free) [ios_app id=”469342674″] SamCard Pro [ios_app id=”468090416″]       Utilities OverTheAir [ios_app id=”371069776″] iTap RDP iTap VNC     Translation WordLens [ios_app id=”383463868″] iTranslate ($.99) [ios_app id=”522626820″]   Financial QuickBooks Mobile [ios_app id=”393232373″] Mint [ios_app id=”300238550″]   Health LoseIt [ios_app id=”297368629″] Nike+ Running [ios_app id=”387771637″] Instant Heart Rate (Free)[ios_app id=”409625068″] Instant Heart Rate (Paid) [ios_app id=”395042892″]     Entertainment Audible [ios_app id=”379693831″] Hulu Plus [ios_app id=”376510438″] Netflix [ios_app id=”363590051″] Fandango [ios_app id=”307906541″] IMDb [ios_app id=”342792525″] ActionMovie FX [ios_app id=”489321253″] Instagram [ios_app id=”389801252″] SoundHound   [ios_app id=”355554941″] Shazam [ios_app id=”284993459″] Shazam Encore (Paid) [ios_app id=”337288863″] YouTube [ios_app id=”544007664″]   Social FaceBook [ios_app id=”284882215″] Twitter [ios_app id=”333903271″] LinkedIn [ios_app id=”288429040″] Center State CEO   Security ASee+ [ios_app id=”401402454″] MEye FindMyiPhone [ios_app id=”376101648″] Thin Wallet [ios_app id=”525301255″]   Camera PhotoSynth [ios_app id=”430065256″]   News Awedeitorium (Awe) TED Flipboard Pulse ShowYou The Weather Channel (TWC) BBC News Time Mobile USA Today NPR DailyMotion ABC Player   Navigation Google Maps [ios_app id=”585027354″]   RealEstate Zillow (iPad) [ios_app id=”310738695″] Trulia   Games Draw Something Free [ios_app id=”488628250″] Angry Birds [ios_app id=”343200656″] Cut The Rope [ios_app id=”380293530″] TempleRun2 [ios_app id=”572395608″]     Education The Elements Mild Elements EleMints Planets NASA Constitution VTC Stars Star Walk Dinosaurs Moon Globe  

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