2014: The year Microsoft lost my loyalty | ZDNet

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I just read the attached article and got to thinking. I would have to say that over the years MS has lost a lot.  I really like some of it’s products, but like this guy, 2014 has seen me give up most of what I used to do daily in the MS world. I write this on a 27″ iMac (one at the office and at home), my notebook a MacBook Pro, my tablet an iPad, my phone an iPhone 6.  All synced nicely via iCloud.  I do have Parallels and a Win7 image loaded.  But mostly just use the Terminal server from any of my Macs. No, I’m not an Apple fan boy.  I’m a consultant.  I like the technology not the brand.  I will tell you the things I like better on each platform.  But right now on a daily basis I spend most of my time on in the Apple environment.  I use a PC for QuickBooks and vSphere (a utility).  There is a Mac and a Cloud based of QB, but missing features of the PC version. Support wise, this year alone we have had at least 3 clients that MS just gave up on, or rather when MS could not solve the clients issues we chose other (non-MS) solutions that worked for them.  This is a bad practice even for a Giant like MS. Windows 8.x was a really bad move and I have not met another tech that actually likes it.  It seems like MS puts our a crap version to draw in some revenue then a better version.  It’s like watching a trilogy knowing that the really good one won’t be out till next summer.  lol Don’t get me wrong.  I have been a Microsoft partner for about 20 years and will continue to sell and support their products.  I’m just saying that there are many other options where this is concerned.  I am also an Apple Consultants Network Member.  😉 Anyway, the article below  made me think about how far I have moved away from a strictly MS environment over the years.  I wonder what the future will bring.

2014: The year Microsoft lost my loyalty | ZDNet.