Day 7

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Nearing the end, I can feel it!   I finally broke down, and at the suggestion of several people , installed a “Start menu replacement” app. What a difference! The os has become useable! I haven’t seen the “Metro” UI since! This is finally something that I can work with. (figure 1) start menu   Figure 1, Start menu goodness. This, overall, changes the entire dynamic of the OS. It is functional. In the right way. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some annoying issues, Picture, PDF and Map viewing still throws me into metro, and, frankly, the idea of changing default programs by installing others is a bit more work than I am really willing to do for this experiment. Also, a new development. Right clicking has randomly stopped working. I tested my trackpad, and a mouse, rebooted, and nothing works. That’s a little bit of a pain, especially when writing in MS word, and having to correct grammar, and spelling issues on the fly. The good news is, after today, it won’t matter. Hahaha     After a week straight of living, and working in Windows 8, I can honestly say: I will not be recommending it as a viable upgrade to my clients for a while. I will wait for SP1, and perhaps, do this test over again. For the time being, I will continue to recommend that we purchase Windows 7 systems, and make do with those, until easy and reasonable solutions can be found to fix the shortcomings I have discovered. As a person who routinely finds himself having to work in windows environments, the honest answer is, I cannot guarantee the security of a clients’ system with third-party add-ons installed. This would only change if I can confirm, without a doubt, from the vendors, that these apps will continue to be supported. And stay malware free for an extended period of time.   There was a company, a while ago that made a very good malware program, and it seemed, for a while to be the “de facto standard” that every one used to remove malware from windows systems. Then, one day, without warning, or notice, the company sold to a company that created malware. So, unknowingly, several people installed this product, as usual, since there were no actual visual changes to anything other than the ToS (Terms of Service), and as a result, became unknowing participants in the awesome “pay and we will release your system” scam. I cannot guarantee third party products, so that would continue to be an issue. As a result, without a viable solution to address this “Start Menu” issue, the OS will continue to border on “a not-suggested upgrade.” The learning curve, and massive system changes are just too intense. For the average user, these changes can be overcome, with time. In a corporate environment, this means significant time and training for each user. That’s a lot of downtime, and spent money that could easily be avoided by having Windows 7, instead.   One more day!!!     TC

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