Device infected within minutes of plugging it in.

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I remember way back to the Nimda virus.  I had a client get infected within a minute of connecting it to the internet.  He had an unpatched system and was connecting it to download the service pack that eliminated this particular exploit.  Rather than download the patch to a system that was already safe, he thought he’d save time and download it directly to the unpatched system.  The issue in his case was he was leaving shiny new bike unlocked while going into the store to buy a lock.  You might be lucky, but on the internet everywhere is a bad neighborhood. In short, DO NOT connect ANY device to the internet before you at least change it’s default password.  DO NOT connect it directly unless it itself is a firewall/router, do it behind a firewall and if you are unfamiliar with any of this call the company’s toll free support number just to be safe.  Or call us of course. Read more on this story on NetworkWorld below: IoT security camera infected within 98 seconds of plugging it in

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