Disinformation on the Net should be prosecuted.

Written by Randy on . Posted in Fraud, Internet, Randy's Blog, Security

Permit me a slight rant..  Knowledge is very important to make informed decisions on your life.  What products to buy, what roads to take, how to keep your family safe, what politicians to vote for, etc. Knowledge is important to your daily life and your ability to make informed decisions effects everything you do.  Now enter companies like Disinfomedia.  A company specifically formed to lie to you.  To provide realistic stories that are false. Not opinion pieces/Editorials, Not satire like TheOnion.com, but lies intended to deceive the public.   This company registered domain names similar to trusted organizations like USAToday.com and WashingtonPost.com by adding a .co at the end.  Then proceeded to make stories look official while deceiving those reading them.  These sites got millions of views, posted completely false stories and were believed by who knows how many people.  Possibly effecting public policy (he brags about laws passed based on his misinformation) and possibly even the presidential election.  My opinion?  He should be prosecuted.  These aren’t opinion pieces he published, they are Libelous, Slander, or Defamation cases (my opinion), at best he is spoofing the good names of sites like USAToday, etc and they should sue him for that. Judge for yourself.  You can read more on NPR.org: We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned