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Second Security Firm Finds Massive Mac Infection

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Make sure to update your Computer(s). Wether PC or even a Mac a Computer that hasn’t been updated can be exploited. See the article below from CRN. Mac without the latest Java update can be compromised while visiting a malicious Web site or one that contains a poison link secretly installed by a criminal. Clicking on a malicious link can run code through Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers without the user knowing. Flashback is designed to steal passwords to online banking and other Web sites, experts say. via Second Security Firm Finds Massive Mac Infection.

Review – Apple Magic Mouse.

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This much hyped pointing device looks sleek and well designed.  It inspires the techno-lust that the gadget addicted have for smooth shiny objects. The much touted features and ease of use will make geeks drool.  In short you want one. The mouse allows you to scroll left/right/up/down with your finger without stumbling across buttons or grooves.  You can swipe to jump back and forth from webpages, pictures, etc.  It has a right and left click ability on the seamless surface which is very attractive. Now the bad part.  If you are less than even tempered this mouse will fly…  through the air and crash hard against a wall after the 10th time of scrolling 20 pages when you are trying to move an inch or left clicking when you are clearly right clicking or accidentally jumping back in your browser when you just spent 15 minutes filling out a form. For all it’s cool features and often flawless performance it’s frustrating bugs make you want to bash it with a hammer.  The only thing stopping you?  The $69 price tag! I was actually warned before I got the mouse, but couldn’t resist the geek appeal.  I read the reviews and played with one for a minute at the local Apple store.   I didn’t find anyone there with something bad to say.  I’ve used one at work and at home on my iMacs (the mouse comes bundled with the iMac) for the last few months and the both behave the same.  Same bugs, same frustration.  Not worth it for a sometimes cool feeling. Save your money.  This mouse is at the upper end of pricy even for a cordless.  Get a Regular Apple, Logitech or even Microsoft mouse before losing your cool with this attractive sleek sometimes flawless mouse from hell. This is of course my personal opinion.  If you don’t like it or don’t believe me, well I tried and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Apple Security Update Swats Critical Mac OS X Bugs

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Anyone think that your Operating System is safe from Security Flaws?  Think again.  Everyone is susceptible to Security Flaws.  The only solution is to check for updates regularly. Below is an article from CRN’s Brian Prince on the update put out by Apple Monday. Apple Security Update Swats Critical Mac OS X Bugs. To Update your computer do the following. For Apple Computers Click your Apple Menu (Top Left) choose Update Software…   For Microsoft Users choose the Windows Update Icon from the Start Menu or from Internet Explorer; Tools Menu (for Older Browsers) Safety Menu (for Newer Browsers) Choose Windows Update.  Do all critical updates and check back until there are none left.
Safari Favorites Bar

Tech Tip #1

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On an Apple computer using Safari you can goto your Bookmarked Pages by Pressing Command and the Number that corrosponds to it’s position in your favorites bar. Safari Favorites Bar In my case would be COMMAND 4.  Try it on yours.

Apple’s luxury tax should spark a showdown with publishers – but will it? | ZDNet

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Apple shows it’s Greed again.  Or Apple shows it’s Business sense. You decide.  Do you think people would have an issue if Microsoft tried to charge a percentage of any News Publication viewed on it’s devices?  Many companies cry Anti-Trust if Microsoft gives away additional software for Free, but when Apple wants a piece of the pie from everyone that writes code (apps) or has a news subscription on one of it’s devices will Publishers cry fowl? Apple’s luxury tax should spark a showdown with publishers – but will it? | ZDNet.