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Office 365 – mailbox sizes just Doubled!

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O365 logo  GREAT NEWS for Office 365 Customers.

You just got something for free!

Microsoft is Doubling the space for your 365 Mailbox from 25GB to 50GB! Not an Office 365 user?  We can help you out there.  Contact Intelligent Designs and mention this post and receive 10% off our standard migration rates! Read more here: Office 365 technology – Exchange Online mailbox sizes are doubling or checkout the Chart below.

Office 365 Mailbox Space Chart

Microsoft and Google push for FCCs public Wi-Fi for free networks

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FREE WiFi!  It could help everyone.  Microsoft and Google think so.  Or…  At least it would make it easier for people to connect to their Cloud Services (Office 365 and Google Apps/Plus).   Who would be against something free like this?  Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile or anyone that sells service in the competing space. Read a bit more by the Privacy & Security Fanatic Ms. Smith.

Privacy and Security Fanatic (Ms. Smith)   Microsoft and Google push for FCCs public Wi-Fi for free networks.