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In Search Of The Internet Kill Switch

Written by Randy on . Posted in Internet, Randy's Blog, Security

There is NO good reason for a government ‘Kill Switch’ on the internet.  Or for that matter any method to disconnect the internet.  It is the most important tool in free speech in the world.  It carries, facts and opinions worldwide near instantly and is designed to keep information flowing even in catastrophic events.  The only thing so far that has been able to stop it has been the government (See Egypt, Libya, China, etc.) and the word still gets out and makes it’s way over the internet. We do NOT support the ability of the government to in any way infringe of the Constitutionally Guaranteed Right of Free Speech.  Even if they do it under the guise of security. To quote Franklin: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” See this TechCrunch article by Jon Orlin.  The article is full of type-o’s but the information is sound: In Search Of The Internet Kill Switch.