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Don’t Give Out Your Password!

Written by Randy on . Posted in Security

I know I shouldn’t have to say this.  But, yes, it happens!  Many people don’t care or even think about giving out their passwords.  As a tech I have to tell clients near daily that keeping their password on a sticky note stuck to their monitor is a BAD idea.  It’s also bad to have a simple one.  Kids, spouse, pets names are ALL BAD PASSWORDS.  There are lists of common passwords and ways to hack at them without you ever knowing.  So make it complex.  Having a (0mpl3*pa55 doesn’t have to be difficult or hard to remember.

Pick some simple phrase. “Use the Force Luke”  Take a few letters from each word, make sure to use UPPER, lower, Letters, Numbers AND symbols,  replace some letters with numbers or symbols and you get something like: U53TF0r(3Luk3!

Easy enough to remember, long and complex enough to make hacking and guessing difficult.

Most importantly NEVER TELL IT TO ANYONE!  Especially on National TV.  So for a laugh watch the video below.