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Verizon’s greed is letting some wireless customers (maybe you) be tracked.

Written by Randy on . Posted in Internet, Randy's Blog, Security, Tech

I know that sounds a bit harsh..  Verizon is inserting a unique ID into web (HTTP) requests sent from it’s wireless devices.  Why?  It’s believed for Ad $$, maybe more.  What’s the problem with that?  It violates your privacy, ignores cookie settings, you cannot opt out or delete it and it changes a request you send to the internet.  Not cool Verizon, not cool at all.  Finally a reason to be glad I use AT&T wireless.  Until we find out they could be doing the same thing. Read the article on Network World:  Secretive, unblock able Verizon perma-cookies kick up privacy concerns | Network World. Test your wireless device to see if you can be tracked.