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Intel and AMD CPU Vulnerability / Meltdown and Spectre

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Teams of software experts have discovered a bug in both Intel and AMD processors that can allow malicious code access to confidential information.  Some patches are currently available, but not all aspects are fixable at the moment.  This issue is serious and effects Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and Linux as well as as mobile devices Apple iOS and Google ChromeBooks.  Basically anything with an Intel or AMD effected CPU. Keep up to date on your patches, Retire old Out of Service Operating systems.  Yes people are still using XP, 2003, etc. It’s time for them to go away finally.  No patches will come out for older OS making them just huge targets. Keep your OS and AV up to date or just ask us about RMM and WebRoot. Read more in the links below.  

Zero Day Hack for Apple iOS – Patch Your Device NOW!

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A zero day hack has been used against a human rights activist.  In this case it was unsuccessful because rather than clicking on the link, he did what you should do, he forwarded it to security experts that uncovered the exploit. Read more about it on Network World here:  NetworkWorld iOS Zero Day Hack Found

Apple iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist: Threat, Menace or Neither? | Network World

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Beware the Wi-Fi Assist!  If you are like most cellular users you don’t have unlimited data.  Now if you have spotty Wi-Fi you may inadvertently be using your cellular data while you are innocently sitting at home.  On AT&T?  That could cost you $15/GB for ever Gig over.  Watching Netflix could cost you a lot more than you think. (Read more on NetworkWorld below) The web has practically been clogged this week with posts providing tips about Apple’s new iOS 9 mobile operating system: Good thing Apple added Wi-Fi Assist to make sure you’re on the best connection possible to read all that stuff. Or maybe not. Source: Apple iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist: Threat, Menace or Neither? | Network World

Mobile Threat Monday: Please Stop Installing Android Flashlight Apps |

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Remember that Cool “Free” app you downloaded for your Android phone?  You might end up paying for it, either in money, time,  privacy or all of the above.  The article below outlines one of the reasons I recommend iPhones over Android.  They are (IMO) much less susceptible to malware because (short of JailBreaking your phone) all of the software must go though Apple’s testing and the (Apple) App store.  iOS also has sandboxing and restricts the access applications have to your phone.  Ex.  If the application needs access to your Photos, GPS, Contacts, etc. it has to ask when installed.  If you say “no” it doesn’t get that access.  If your flashlight wants to access your microphone or GPS there is something really fishy about that.  “Just say no”.  Read more from PC Mag below. – Randy
This week, Malwarebytes points us towards a nasty flashlight app that tries to take over your phone
Source: Mobile Threat Monday: Please Stop Installing Android Flashlight Apps |