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Intel and AMD CPU Vulnerability / Meltdown and Spectre

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Teams of software experts have discovered a bug in both Intel and AMD processors that can allow malicious code access to confidential information.  Some patches are currently available, but not all aspects are fixable at the moment.  This issue is serious and effects Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and Linux as well as as mobile devices Apple iOS and Google ChromeBooks.  Basically anything with an Intel or AMD effected CPU. Keep up to date on your patches, Retire old Out of Service Operating systems.  Yes people are still using XP, 2003, etc. It’s time for them to go away finally.  No patches will come out for older OS making them just huge targets. Keep your OS and AV up to date or just ask us about RMM and WebRoot. Read more in the links below.  

Adobe to issue emergency patch for Flash vulnerability

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You may already have heard about this.  If not, read more below.  In Any event, get ready for some serious/critical patches in the near future. Adobe Flash has a significant number of Vulnerabilities so bottom line, if you don’t need it on your computer Don’t Install it or Uninstall it and you have one less source of stress.  Unless you are one of the fortunate (#Sarcasm) that needs it for some mission critical software you use.  In that case.  My heart felt condolences and contact us about keeping up to date.
Adobe is working on an emergency patch for its Flash Player after attackers are reportedly exploiting a critical flaw.
Source: Adobe to issue emergency patch for Flash vulnerability

Mac OS X serious vulnerability discovered.

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The vulnerability seems to only effect admin users.  By default on most Macs that is everyone.  You can create a user and remove admin rights from that user, then use it primarily.  This seems to reduce or eliminate the threat.  At least as indicated by the article below on  This is a good practice to have anyways, so do it now!  Not sure how?  Call us.   Read more below. Mac OS X ‘rootpipe’ security vulnerability discovered, but there’s no fix date yet | Apple |

Flaw in bash Shell leaves some users feeling Shellshock

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An exploit in many versions of Linux, Some devices and even Mac OS X could leave you feeling Shellshocked.

It has to do with bash a command line utility that is part of many distributions of Linux and even Mac OS X which uses this same shell.  The flaw has been around for years and now people are taking notice.  Read More at NetworkWorld below. ‘Bigger than Heartbleed’ Shellshock flaw leaves OS X, Linux, more open to attack | Network World.

Second Security Firm Finds Massive Mac Infection

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Make sure to update your Computer(s). Wether PC or even a Mac a Computer that hasn’t been updated can be exploited. See the article below from CRN. Mac without the latest Java update can be compromised while visiting a malicious Web site or one that contains a poison link secretly installed by a criminal. Clicking on a malicious link can run code through Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers without the user knowing. Flashback is designed to steal passwords to online banking and other Web sites, experts say. via Second Security Firm Finds Massive Mac Infection.