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Adobe to issue emergency patch for Flash vulnerability

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You may already have heard about this.  If not, read more below.  In Any event, get ready for some serious/critical patches in the near future. Adobe Flash has a significant number of Vulnerabilities so bottom line, if you don’t need it on your computer Don’t Install it or Uninstall it and you have one less source of stress.  Unless you are one of the fortunate (#Sarcasm) that needs it for some mission critical software you use.  In that case.  My heart felt condolences and contact us about keeping up to date.
Adobe is working on an emergency patch for its Flash Player after attackers are reportedly exploiting a critical flaw.
Source: Adobe to issue emergency patch for Flash vulnerability

Window: Just one tiny “bit” could grant Admin access.

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I’ve had more than one complaint about the past Patch Tuesday.  One client had their server BSOD, a relative just had their system hang on updating do not shutdown (for 16+hrs) before I ignored and rebooted it. These issues could be tiny in comparison to the single bit change that allows Admin access.  Read more on Network World Below:

Researchers bypass protections on all Window versions.

Project Zero hits MS again!

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Microsoft is upset that yet again Google has disclosed an as yet (at time of disclosure) unpatched flaw in Windows 8.1.  Google did give MS proper notification and a 90 day deadline to address the issue.  Microsoft if upset that Google didn’t extend its (set in stone) 90 day deadline to allow Microsoft to release the patch within it’s normal Patch window on what’s called “Patch Tuesday”. I agree with the cutoff myself.  Especially if you look at it like this..  Microsoft put out a product that has security issues in it, some have been there for years undiscovered by Microsoft as it releases new versions of it’s OS.  New versions that often are still susceptible to the same flaws.  Many of these flaws are brought to Microsoft’s attention from ethical outside sources including Google.  Unethical hacker may already know and be using these flaws for malicious purposes.  It’s reported that our own NSA knew about HeartBleed the SSL flaw for years and kept it silent to exploit it. So the question remains.  How much time should a company have to patch a flaw from the time it is informed of it?  Each day a fix is delayed is a possible exploit of systems and data.  Security breaches, stolen data, pictures, passwords, credit card & financial info.  So the question is…  Is 90 days long enough or is it too long?  Think of Sony, or iCloud or any other data breach you’ve heard of in the recent history.  Then think..  Should MS be upset about the  flaws being disclosed or should they Really be apologizing for not fixing it sooner? Read Network Worlds take on it at the link below.

Google discloses another unpatched Windows flaw, irritates Microsoft | Network World.

Microsoft to patch Hack!

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We can’t stress enough how important it is to patch/update your programs and OS.  Also since XP is being retired in April You NEED TO UPGRADE!  If you do not you leave yourself, your computer, your data and your company open to being Hacked. Microsoft has Patched IE (Internet Explorer) it’s web browser every month for the last 11 months straight and this includes all versions from IE 6 to the current one on Windows 8.  When support stops for the OS so do patches.  When the patches stop it’s like leaving your front door open to anyone that might like the look of your Big Screen TV.  In short, Upgrade!  Need help?  Call us. Read more about a Dangerous Hack below: Microsoft to patch dangerous Outlook hack-by-preview bug next week – Network World.