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Window: Just one tiny “bit” could grant Admin access.

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I’ve had more than one complaint about the past Patch Tuesday.  One client had their server BSOD, a relative just had their system hang on updating do not shutdown (for 16+hrs) before I ignored and rebooted it. These issues could be tiny in comparison to the single bit change that allows Admin access.  Read more on Network World Below:

Researchers bypass protections on all Window versions.

Microsoft to patch Hack!

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We can’t stress enough how important it is to patch/update your programs and OS.  Also since XP is being retired in April You NEED TO UPGRADE!  If you do not you leave yourself, your computer, your data and your company open to being Hacked. Microsoft has Patched IE (Internet Explorer) it’s web browser every month for the last 11 months straight and this includes all versions from IE 6 to the current one on Windows 8.  When support stops for the OS so do patches.  When the patches stop it’s like leaving your front door open to anyone that might like the look of your Big Screen TV.  In short, Upgrade!  Need help?  Call us. Read more about a Dangerous Hack below: Microsoft to patch dangerous Outlook hack-by-preview bug next week – Network World.

Second Security Firm Finds Massive Mac Infection

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Make sure to update your Computer(s). Wether PC or even a Mac a Computer that hasn’t been updated can be exploited. See the article below from CRN. Mac without the latest Java update can be compromised while visiting a malicious Web site or one that contains a poison link secretly installed by a criminal. Clicking on a malicious link can run code through Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers without the user knowing. Flashback is designed to steal passwords to online banking and other Web sites, experts say. via Second Security Firm Finds Massive Mac Infection.

Apple Security Update Swats Critical Mac OS X Bugs

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Anyone think that your Operating System is safe from Security Flaws?  Think again.  Everyone is susceptible to Security Flaws.  The only solution is to check for updates regularly. Below is an article from CRN’s Brian Prince on the update put out by Apple Monday. Apple Security Update Swats Critical Mac OS X Bugs. To Update your computer do the following. For Apple Computers Click your Apple Menu (Top Left) choose Update Software…   For Microsoft Users choose the Windows Update Icon from the Start Menu or from Internet Explorer; Tools Menu (for Older Browsers) Safety Menu (for Newer Browsers) Choose Windows Update.  Do all critical updates and check back until there are none left.