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Upgrade NOW the end is near! (for Windows XP)

Written by Randy on . Posted in Internet, Microsoft, Randy's Blog, Security, Tech, Tech Tip

Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your XP systems!  Microsoft is retiring Windows XP completely, no more extensions and no more support patches/upgrades.  They’re done.   This all happens in April 2014.  Just 8 short months away.

Has your company been slow to upgrade?  If so, now is the time!  If you wait past this deadline be prepared to get hacked.  The ongoing patch process for supported operating systems keeps them safe(ish) when problems or vulnerabilities are found,  they are patched, hopefully before the exploit gets to the hackers or the general public.

With Microsoft stopping support for it’s decade old operating system (Windows XP) it will leave the door open for anyone on this legacy operating system to be compromised by any new hack that comes our way.

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Hackers may cash in when XP is retired – Network World.