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Think your Apple iPhone is immune from Attack?

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Your (Fill in name of device here) is Not immune from attack.  Even the iPhone.  There are many vectors for attacking an iPhone.  One that uses WiFi (scary) was recently patched.  Update your iOS Device now.  The iPhone is still my phone of choice and is much less susceptible to attack than say Android.  But it like any other platform is still subject to attack.  So the saying “semper vigilans” is a good rule where technology is concerned.  Don’t trust unknown sources, networks, people, devices, cables, etc.   This means Don’t let people play with your phone, don’t give out your pin, don’t connect to that Free hotspot, don’t plug into some unknown charging cable/port and ALWAYS stay up to date on your patches.  If you don’t patch the holes that the experts work so hard to plug just become a bullseye for those looking for a weakness.  Each flaw gets published and when it’s not repaired it’s almost a road map of how to compromise your device. Here are a few articles to get you started. the Register: No one still things iOS is invulnerable to malware, right? CBSNews about the WiFi Exploit: If you use Wi-Fi on your iPhone or iPad, get this security update

Wi-Fi Calling Finally Comes To The iPhone For AT&T Customers | TechCrunch

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Finally!  A feature you probably didn’t know you wanted.  If you want this you may have to call AT&T to get it activated on your phone.  Some accounts have HD Voice turned off.  Mine did.  You might have to argue with your AT&T tech a bit about the service being available as it just came out today 10-08-2015 according to my AT&T service tech.    Read more on below.
After being promised Wi-Fi calling for over a year by Apple and AT&T…it’s finally here. It’s available for iPhone 6, 6+ and 6S and 6S+ AT&T customers with iOS 9. You’ll have to go…
Source: Wi-Fi Calling Finally Comes To The iPhone For AT&T Customers | TechCrunch

Microsoft and Google push for FCCs public Wi-Fi for free networks

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FREE WiFi!  It could help everyone.  Microsoft and Google think so.  Or…  At least it would make it easier for people to connect to their Cloud Services (Office 365 and Google Apps/Plus).   Who would be against something free like this?  Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile or anyone that sells service in the competing space. Read a bit more by the Privacy & Security Fanatic Ms. Smith.

Privacy and Security Fanatic (Ms. Smith)   Microsoft and Google push for FCCs public Wi-Fi for free networks.