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NSA Uses Windows Error Messages To Spy On Targets

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It might be time to turn off automatically sending in your error messages or to click don’t send when they popup.  You might trust the NSA, but in the same way the NSA can harvest this information someone that might not have the countries security in mind could too.

The NSA Uses Windows Error Messages To Spy On Targets: Gothamist.

Microsoft to patch Hack!

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We can’t stress enough how important it is to patch/update your programs and OS.  Also since XP is being retired in April You NEED TO UPGRADE!  If you do not you leave yourself, your computer, your data and your company open to being Hacked. Microsoft has Patched IE (Internet Explorer) it’s web browser every month for the last 11 months straight and this includes all versions from IE 6 to the current one on Windows 8.  When support stops for the OS so do patches.  When the patches stop it’s like leaving your front door open to anyone that might like the look of your Big Screen TV.  In short, Upgrade!  Need help?  Call us. Read more about a Dangerous Hack below: Microsoft to patch dangerous Outlook hack-by-preview bug next week – Network World.

Upgrade NOW the end is near! (for Windows XP)

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Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your XP systems!  Microsoft is retiring Windows XP completely, no more extensions and no more support patches/upgrades.  They’re done.   This all happens in April 2014.  Just 8 short months away.

Has your company been slow to upgrade?  If so, now is the time!  If you wait past this deadline be prepared to get hacked.  The ongoing patch process for supported operating systems keeps them safe(ish) when problems or vulnerabilities are found,  they are patched, hopefully before the exploit gets to the hackers or the general public.

With Microsoft stopping support for it’s decade old operating system (Windows XP) it will leave the door open for anyone on this legacy operating system to be compromised by any new hack that comes our way.

Read some more on Network World at the link below.

Hackers may cash in when XP is retired – Network World.

Someone Called Me

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As IT Professionals we see a lot of malware and phishing schemes.  Something that many people still don’t realize is that bad guys still use the phone.

I am writing this today because a good client and a very sweet lady called me.  She said that someone just called her indicating they were from Microsoft.  Said  she was riddled with viruses, walked her through downloading and installing some remote access software, then tried to get $49 from her to remove the virus!  She got suspicious, stopped just in time and called us.  We verified she had no virus.

The SCAM: Windows Computer Service Center

The caller claims to be from  California yet the calls may originate from 212-654-3212 which is a New York area code.  When asked the man with an Indian accent didn’t know the street the office is on.  Not the number, but the actual street name after a second request they hung up.

When we get calls like this (as techs) we like to take our time.  😉  How did you get my number?  Never answered.  Which computer?  They don’t know.  What version of Windows?  No clue.  How can I identify which computer?   They may tell you your CLSID is 888dca60-fc0a-11cf-8f0f-00c04fd7d062 which is NOT your computer ID it’s for a component that should be on all PCs.

A quick Google Search finds dozens of hits for this scam and it’s only one of thousands like it. This gentleman recorded a video of the scam.

This site has some more details on it:

Some good rules for safety and security:
  • NEVER accept a support from someone you didn’t personally contact. (on the phone or in person)
  • DO NOT give out private or secure information or access to your computer to ANYONE you don’t trust.
  • ALWAYS call them back at their listed number.  Not a number the caller gives you.
  • Google Search them or go direct to their website if you know it (Like Call them back at that number.
  • DO NOT assume that because you see a number on your caller ID it is a valid one.  With todays phone system you can put in any number you want for your own caller ID. So, ask to call them back! If they refuse, call someone else (Like us:  315-424-0707)
Whenever in doubt call your IT professionals.

Windows 8.1 bolsters biometrics for authentication – Network World

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Windows 8.1 showing more promise.  Hopefully Biometrics will take a bigger role in the future of computers.  Hate remembering the 50 passwords you use all the time or are you one of those that uses the same password for everything.  BAD!  LOL Here’s some info on Win 8.1 and biometrics. Windows 8.1 bolsters biometrics for authentication – Network World.

Microsoft Investigating Windows Zero Day Vulnerability Report

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Another Zero Day Vulnerability is Possible (Windows XP & 2003 SMB).  What is a Zero Day threat you may ask.  It’s basically a threat that is known to some that there is as yet no fix for leaving computers vulnerable to attack.  Think of it like a theif knowing you have a key hidden under your door mat.  Only in this case you are away so you can’t just remove the key. Security exploits like this make it necessary to update your workstations and servers often.  Once a vulnerability is known/published if a hacker didn’t know about it before they start trying to make use of it and work against the people slow to update their machines. Here is an article from CRN News about the latest threat. Microsoft Investigating Windows Zero Day Vulnerability Report. If you need assistance as always you can contact us.