Windows 10 Anniversary update reactivates ads.

Written by Randy on . Posted in Uncategorized

Although the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a welcome sign, fixing bugs, adding features…  Microsoft in an apparent attempts to annoy it’s users decided to turn back on the built in Adware that some users turned off. We have seen the updates re-enable some security features that were disabled causing some extra work for upgraders.  This you could argue was best practices, making your computer secure.  Adware built into an operating system you bought is a bit ridicules tho.  Especially if you already disabled it.  Come on MS, get with the program.  *_* Read more: PCWORLD – Win 10 Anniversary update reactivates ads. Useful Links from PCWORLD: disabling Windows 10’s ads tighten up your Windows 10 privacy settings cure Windows 10’s worst headaches