Windows 8, Days 3 and 4.

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The Weekend. This is the first time to really put Windows 8 through the paces in a non-work environment. .   First things first, I will say this: I really miss mail notifications. Outlook/Windows Mail are very lacking in this area. It DOES give notifications, but the send/receive stuff is hit and miss.. Sometimes I would get a small splash telling me there was a new email, and sometimes, I would switch to Outlook and discover that I had 15 new emails I wasn’t aware of. I found myself constantly being surprised that I had new emails by looking at the screen of my iPhone. Since it was the weekend, it wasn’t a real issue, but if it had been a client with a server down, it could have been problematic. I can say without hesitation that Facebook works fine with it. Whew. Emails, however, are a different story. I found several instances where emails would just draw awful, and not display properly at all. I guess maybe I am just spoiled by my mac? In Figure 1, you can see that the bottom of this email from is pushed to the right. This happened quite frequently. I’m not sure if this is an Outlook 2013 problem, or a Windows 8 problem. Either way, I am not using Beta versions of either, so, in my opinion, it shouldn’t be happening. bad email draw   Figure 1, Email issues.   Other than that, most everything else went smoothly. Still having issues with trying to find my way around the new Metro version of IE, and I have been given some very helpful hints from the community, but from the perspective of a new Windows user, they will not have the resources, and will most likely be stuck and a bit lost. A representative from Microsoft told me that there was a short, useful, tutorial when you first install that would explain everything. I found this to be more short than useful. It was approximately 10 seconds long, and it basically stated that, in order to do most anything, you would need to move the mouse to one of the four corners of the screen. The problem with this is, those four corners are generally used by other things, and that can conflict. I have discovered, that, when I go to click the X to close a window (when there IS an x, this is very inconsistent between applications on this system,) I get a pop up giant clock. This is not useful to me at all. It may, however, be useful to someone who has a case of OCD about what time it is. (A giant rabbit with a top hat comes to mind.) I read a review of Windows 8 recently in which the reviewer had mentioned that The OS has an annoying habit of popping things into your face, frequently, without apparent reason most times, and I find this to be true. I will be working on something, or reading an article, and the Metro stocks app will pop up, or weather, or something else, and I have no idea why, or what I did. It may even randomly close what I am doing, too. Fun.   For the most part, however, the weekend went without a hitch, other than the aforementioned. I look forward to your comments. OOPS. Just went to post this to the website, and the Metro interface popped up, without warning! Onto another day in paradise! Halfway home!!!!   Has your experience with Windows 8 been different? Let me know!   TC      

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